Cases, Crates and Pallets

Shipping Management Services Limited, incorporates a very comprehensive timber mill capable of producing all designs of cases, crates and pallets. This is a bespoke service which will, if required, include a review of existing specifications and the supply of competitive prices.

Our wood marking and monitoring program ensures that all timber packaging meets ISPM 15, UK Wood Marking requirements, with certification support when needed.

What We Offer

  • Bespoke Export Packing Cases (Softwood or Plywood).
  • Bespoke Export Open Boarded Packing Crates (Softwood).
  • Flat Packed Packing Cases, supplied with timber & fixings.
  • Re-Usable Packing Cases (bolted/screwed construction).
  • Metal Edged Collapsible Plywood Cases.

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